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The lover's dance - why is good posture so sexy?

Its summer, the beach is calling and for the past few months you have been diligently hitting the “iron paradise” working on your beach bod. Now is your time to shine. “The sun’s out, guns out!!” As you walk/strut your way down the beach, you notice more people are turning their heads towards your mate, the tall skinny weird looking dude who you lovingly refer to as your “wingman”. This doesn’t make sense, it is you who has the guns, the pecs, the lats….what does he have, a nice personality??!!

Over the next hour, you position yourself in the prime location for people to appreciate your “adonis like body”, all the while your so called “wingman” is splashing around in the water like a 5 yr old and still managing to strike up conversations with anyone within a 10m radius. Around this time you finally lay eyes on your target, a group of sun tanned goddesses, preparing themselves to cool off in the water. Just as these girls start making a move towards the water, your mate decides to stop behaving like a kid who is full of sugar and starts walking towards your towels. Now you have never said anything, but for a long time you have noticed that you mate stands really tall, with perfect posture. You simply believed he had good posture “beaten” into him as a kid. Despite this, you have repeatedly suggested to him to loosen up a bit and relax but he has never changed (you simply assume he is scared of his mother, because God knows, you are!!). It wasn’t until this very moment that you ever thought anything significant would come from his good posture, but to your shock, as he walked past the previously mentioned group of sun tanned goddesses, every single one of them turned and watched him walk past and set up camp on his towel. You once again found yourself asking, what does this guy have??

Over the following weeks, the “iron paradise” became your second home. You were consumed with the idea that the sun tanned goddesses were simply blinded by the pasty white skin of your mate and they simply didn’t see you. You simply had to work harder and make yourself irresistibly unmissable!! Pfftt….there’s no way posture couldn’t possibly make “skinny boy” more attractive!!!

It was around this time that you overheard a group of PTs discussing an upcoming presentation at the gym by a local chiropractor (author’s “unbiased” note: I have heard he is ruggedly handsome!!!). The presentation was to be centred around posture and not only its relevance to the gym but also its influence over the function of the entire body. Now you have always worked hard to insure your form and posture was optimal when in the “iron paradise” but for some reason, with the image of your skinny wingman walking past YOUR sun tanned beauties and each of them following him intensely forever burnt into your mind, you felt compelled to learn more about this “posture-thing”.

So, at lunch time the following week, you, a bunch of other gym regulars and the entire crew of PTs from the gym all fronted up to the seminar room at the back of the gym. The night before, you did some Googling to learn some more about this chiropractor. You were expecting to see a website with photos of a highly athletic, sporty looking person with a history in elite level sport. Instead, you found a website which was a lot less about him and more about chiropractic, its purpose and how it actually works (chiropractic it appears, focuses on spinal movement and it’s link to brain function!!). Upon reading his profile, there was no mention of elite level sport, rather it mentioned he had done a mountain of post graduate study in chiropractic and kids!!! WTF?!?! What is this guy doing coming to talk to a group of people at a gym, there are no kids here!!!

As you took your seat, you noticed a tall individual walking into the room with the manager of the gym. You assumed he was the chiropractor as he was the only person in the room NOT in active wear!! Shortly after, he was introduced by the manager as the chiropractor who had not only saved her career in the fitness industry but had also changed the way she trained both herself and clients. And with that, he was let loose….

“Posture affects and moderates every physiological function, from breathing to nervous system function, and despite the considerable evidence that posture affects physiology and function, the significant influence of posture on health is not addressed by most physicians….the American Journal of Pain Management.” That was how he started….BAM!! “Posture affects everything, from concentration, respiration, digestion to anxiety, confidence and general moods.” For the next 20 minutes information sourced from various research articles (most of which were NOT from the chiropractic profession which you thought was strange) was relayed to the group. Information on the link between poor posture and pulmonary disease, poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle linked to reduced cognitive function, poor posture and increased rate of coronary heart disease and posture’s association with increased disability levels. (This guy is either obsessed with posture, a serious nerd or more likely a combination of the above.) Once the statistics slowed down, posture and the gym (bending, lifting & twisting) posture and the work place (prolonged sitting) and even posture and kids were all discussed. Then the questions started to flow. You listened intently throughout, yet one ever present thought was running through your mind….not once was posture and back pain mentioned!! This guy is a chiropractor and he never once focused on back pain. Instead he regularly referred to the link between the spine and the nerve system and brain and THAT is how and why posture is so important.

As you left the gym that day your mind was spinning from some of the “posture-related bombs”….posture and brain function, posture and moods, posture and… can posture affect so much?? Surely Google and the “inter-web” would help settle your spinning mind. Instead, Google took you down a rabbit hole of posture related health changes which supported everything you had heard earlier that day. Admittedly you also found plenty of information on the relationship between poor posture and spinal pain, but as you had also heard, the pain was simply the “tip of the iceberg”.

So your posture, together with the function and movement of your spine, really does impact every physiological function of the body!!

What’s the take home message – your mate does have a nice personality and the girls simply liked his smile, not all girls like big muscles on dudes (as crazy as it sounds), standing up tall with good posture is super sexy (just ask Derek Zoolander, he’s 5 foot nothing but women and men alike swoon over him) and most importantly, get your spine & nerve system checked (hard to have good posture if things aren’t working well).

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